Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Magic Loop?!

Yeah, I'm writing this post at uni so it might be a tad premature, but I'm taking advantage of the wireless internet here.

That bobbin full of singles I put in the last post? It turned out to be one of the worst examples of my spinning I've ever done. It was underspun in some places, overspun in others ect. However, all is not lost, ladies and gents! I do indeed have a use for it! I only hope that i have enough...

I have discovered that I have trouble getting to sleep at night without bedsocks as I'm too cold, so I'm going to knit that lovely coloured yarn up into a nice pair of bedsocks! I also suffer from second sock syndrome, which is the reason I have made a single pair of socks to date, so I'm exploring the magic loop method.

I've a large number of reviews that tend to basically say this technique blows, but it's looking rather easy to me so I'm giving it a shot when I get home with some spare yarn...

To come: my experience with the Magic Loop? Is it really Magic, or a simple Fraud?

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