Thursday, 12 April 2007

Magic Loop part II

I can now say I have used the magic loop. I have even succesfully made a sock with it. Before morning I will have made a pair of socks with it.

I used leftover yarn to make some bedsocks so the socks don't entirely match, but they're good enough, because they're besocks and no one is really going to see them.

I'm also really glad I used leftover yarn from that pinwheel jacket because it means I've knitted the socks on 5mm needles, so they've knitted up damn quick... And so I can follow what I did on the finished sock as I made it up as I went...

I'm really happy with it, particularly the cast off. I knit socks toe up (I also learnt the figure 8 cast on. Learning ahoy!) and so my cast offs tend to be rather tight, but I made up the cast off as I went, using a half-remembered picot cast off and ended up with a really loose cast off.


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