Sunday, 24 December 2006


I have finished one of the projects on the UFO list! That being the pair of striped socks! They were knitted with Online supersocke self-striping yarn. A yarn I have decided never to use again. If I want stripes, I'll do it myself! At least then I wont have to deal with finding knots in the yarn without enough of that colour left to have a full stripe.

I'm a tad disapointed with the cast off though, it's still a little tight (these are toe-up). I tried Elizabeth Zimmermans sewn cast off, but it wasn't any more elastic than my standard cast off... I'd appreciate any suggestion!

Note: this is also the first pair of socks I have ever knitted. I feel proud! The next pair of socks in the pipeline will be made with that red handspun mentioned two posts ago. I found the same wool in a lovely orange colour. That'll make for some lovely striped socks!

Note II: sorry for the appalling photo. It's 1:10AM and I'm using the camera on my phone.

Friday, 22 December 2006


Since some point earlier this year (read: easter) I've been planning on knitting the pinwheel cardigan from (they have an absolute pile of free patterns, for those of you who don't know about about them). This is also the cardigan that I mentioned in the previous post.

The point about all this is that the yarn arrived this morning, just in time for christmas! I'm not using the same colours as the example though. It just looks like the ideal kind of thing to knock about uni in a comparatively mild Sydney winter.

However, I've not yet finished any of those other projects I have to finish before this gets started.

I will have the socks finished by tomorrow, I think. And then, the cabled cardigan. And then, the entrelac cushion. And then, I start this! I like to keep the spinning to break up the knitting so I don't do a burn out on any given project (though, this is the kind of thinking that gives me piles of UFOs...)

Tuesday, 5 December 2006

A Knitter's Palaver

I have a new resolution. Yes, I know it's a bit early to do the whole New Year's thing, but hey, I've never been good with new year's resolutions. Anyway, to the point:

I have resolved to no longer be an unfaithful knitter and thereby, reduce my UFO count

Yes, knitting is the one area in my life where I cannot be faithful to one project over another. I currently have the following projects in progress:

  • Mitred wrap (nearly finished the first strip...)
  • Lace Skirt (made a major error and needs to be frogged)
  • Striped sock (sock 1 has been finished)
  • Cabled cardigan (the body's been finished...)
  • Lace mohair scarf
  • Entrelac cushion cover


  • Willow pattern blanket


  • Red yarn that's to be three-plied and knit into a lace shawl
  • natural coloured corriedale/merino blend that's to be used as a trim on a pair of socks that I'm planning
  • There'd be more, but I'm waiting on some ceramic whorls for more spindles

Well, the list is shorter than I thought. I plan to finish at least three of the knitting projects before I start work on my winter jacket. Luckily, temptation does not worry me: the yarn has yet to arrive!