Saturday, 21 April 2007

And a First! My first knitted object from my own handspun!

And here is the finished mini-scarf! I knitted it to use up a few skeins I had lying around, spun up from a samples set from Wendy Dennis of Tarndwarncoort, but I really wanted to knit them. I hadn't any idea how big it was going to be because I didn't swatch, check my yardage, weigh it, or even have a look at the wpi. And despite all that, it knitted up wonderfully!

The pattern is one I wrote for a friend of mine, Wendy. She wanted an easy shawl pattern that could be knitted till you ran out of yarn and she could put ribbons through. While it's hard to tell with this one after I blocked it to within an inch of its life, there is a border of eyelets up the sides of the triangle too. Hers is being knitted in a varigated red mohair. I might put up the pattern here if anyone would like it. It's easily adaptable, and I'm planning on knitting a bigger one with lace motifs all over it. And no, I didn't swatch the pattern either. She asked me for it after 10pm when I was amazingly lacking in yarn and needles in my vicinity. Either way, it worked!

Anyway, it's really not very big, It'll just go around my neck for stopping those irritating down the back draughts and it's the perfect size to go around my head. While I look like I just stepped off the Amish farm, it will stop my hair from getting singed while fire twirling!


Kary said...

Congratulations! The scarf looks wonderful ... N~joY - you did a fantastic job!

Taueret said...

your spinning looks great! congrats on the FO, well done.

Peggy said...

Camille, That is gorgeous!!!! The yarn is so even and smooth and the knitting...just beautiful. Oh, yes, I can see the edge, I love it. Congrats on such a wonderful completion.