Tuesday, 2 January 2007


While spending my time in a sensible, constructive manner (read: procrastinating about housework by searching for nice free patterns) I stumbled across a mention of Cat Bordhi's mobius scarf.

This has to be the one of the most interesting things I've seen in knitting for a very long time. Knitting a true mobius (with a half twist as opposed to a full twist) without grafting is slightly... mindbending... and all... squishy...

The edge marked.

I have to admit, though, if you're thinking of knitting a mobius, go with Cat's cast on. The other cast ons are fairly obvious, Cat's is almost invisible. That's the cast on marked there, but it's the visible one. The camera I have wont give me enough detail for the one still on the needles.

Just a note: If you're going to do one of these, just go with it. It'll look like you've made a mistake for a fair while until you've got enough fabric between the needles. Also, use the longest circulars you can find! 80cm isn't quite long enough.


Lynne said...

I've just done some moebius stuff. cat has some great patterns.
I'm on the spindler's list. Can I suggest that you contact the spinner's guild in Sydney and ask about wheels?
Also Oz ebay is your best bet for a cheap wheel, or try rustic forge (google them). Also try Virginiafarmwoolworks.com.au

Taueret said...

hey nice new wheel and I love your mobius scarf. I want to start one, is the best way to learn Cat's cast on to buy her book? I couldn't seem to find instructions online for her method.

Taueret said...

hey Camille, THANKS for the link! I ordered the book before I saw your comment, but now I don't need to wait 2 weeks or whatever for it to come! Thanks heaps again.