Sunday, 24 December 2006


I have finished one of the projects on the UFO list! That being the pair of striped socks! They were knitted with Online supersocke self-striping yarn. A yarn I have decided never to use again. If I want stripes, I'll do it myself! At least then I wont have to deal with finding knots in the yarn without enough of that colour left to have a full stripe.

I'm a tad disapointed with the cast off though, it's still a little tight (these are toe-up). I tried Elizabeth Zimmermans sewn cast off, but it wasn't any more elastic than my standard cast off... I'd appreciate any suggestion!

Note: this is also the first pair of socks I have ever knitted. I feel proud! The next pair of socks in the pipeline will be made with that red handspun mentioned two posts ago. I found the same wool in a lovely orange colour. That'll make for some lovely striped socks!

Note II: sorry for the appalling photo. It's 1:10AM and I'm using the camera on my phone.

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