Sunday, 18 March 2007

Update + Mobius photos!

I have to admit, my application to this blog has been sorely lacking of late. Mostly because uni has decided to give me a royal kick up the behind and has taken me away from the sweet, sweet knitting and spinning time. However, the stole is on hiatus until sometime early this week when my knitpicks needles should arrive! Yay! I'm currently using a set of clover bamboo circulars and the transition isn't smooth in the least, or it just doesn't like silk. Either way, it's not being easy to use.

In other news, I finally obtained photos of my in the lovely scarf sent to me by Leigh!

As a shawl

As a standard scarf

I'm rather pleased with it actually. It has a wonderful feel to it, and it is rather warm. Thanks again, Leigh!

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