Sunday, 4 March 2007


My mother chose well when she picked out my godparents. Very well indeed. It turns out my godmother, who is heavily involved with such crafts as knitting, spinning and felting, also sells yarns when she sells her wares at market. Not yarns she's spun her self normally, but yarns that she gets from her suppliers at wholesale price...

Guess who now has 6 skeins of 2ply merino/mohair on order... at $12 for 100g...

I have a feeling I'll be knitting lace from Victorian Lace Today for a fair while now, and I don't have a problem with that idea, nope!

Also, I recently obtained a skein of handdyed magenta laceweight silk. I have responded to this acquisition by commencing the alpine scarf from VLT. I have an occasion I want to wear it for next year, so I'v justifed it rather well, I think!

I'm aware that the photos have been few and far between recently. I'll try and fix that once I get hold of a camera. I've been rather disillusioned with the quality that I've been getting from the camera on my phone. I'm not overly surprised though, it is actually a phone, not a camera.

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