Friday, 2 February 2007

A slight hiccup, and a new knitting book

Today I did nothing related to the topics of this blog. Absolutely nothing. I've not knitted, tatted, spun, nor even skeined up the bobbin full of plied yarn that I promised myself I'd do today.

Mainly because this morning, I lost consciousness for some, currently unknown, reason. Therefore, it was decided I should do nothing more strenuous than lie down on the lounge and be fussed over. The doctor took some blood, so hopefully I'll find out on Monday if there is anything I should be concerned about.

In other news, the boyfriend did buy me this book.

It's a fantastic book, full of rather off the wall patterns. It's also one of the very few knitting books I actually own, considering most good knitting books have a not so good price tag. But I have at least three of the patterns to the list of things to knit. I'm considering trying at least one of the patterns in handspun, so that should be interesting!

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