Monday, 19 February 2007

Combined knitting?

For a while now, I've been slightly confused with all the knitting patterns that aren't designed for circular or double pointed needles for the simple reason of my stitches being orientated slightly differently. Not confused enough to stop me knitting the pattern and coming out with a lovely piece, but confused enough to wonder...

You see, I discovered today that I knit using the technique known as combined knitting and seeing as I've never knitted with other knitters, only with my family, all of whom were taught my grandmother, I've never seen any other technique. With this method, when knittng a purl stitch, you take the yarn underneath the needle instead of over as in the English technique. This results in a stitch that is orientated backwards, with the front leg of the stitch being behind the needle, as if you were twisting the stitches.

It also means that apparently you have to change some patterns slightly to accommodate this sort of different slant, such as reverse ssk and k2tog.

If you knit the same way I do, I recommend checking out this conversion chart that I found today, it'll help in fixing patterns for your knitting, instead of having to learn a different technique for each project.

Conversion Chart

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