Sunday, 14 January 2007

She's here!

I have obtained my spinning wheel! Here is the lovely little darling!

She was brought home a few days later than I had originally planned. I'd organised to pick it up on Tuesday, but on Monday I was informed that my cousin's holiday house in Kandos was in fact going to be empty this week if we'd like to go. And so Sean and I headed up for a few days. This mean that the wheel had to wait till yesterday.

After the first fifteen minutes or so that it took me to figure out how it worked (the previous owner had lost the manual, assembly instructions along with two bobbins and the horizontal pieces of the lazy kate) I've spun a couple of skeins:

Photos of the finished skeins will come later, after they've been washed and dried. They are a tad uneven, but I was expecting that, considering this is the first time I've ever actually used a wheel!

So yeah, I'm very, very pleased with it. I really enjoyed spinning and I'm trying very hard to resist the urge to spin some more...

Oh what the hell! It's not like I haven't got plenty of stash!

Oh, and the mobius scarf that's on the needles in the mobius post? It's been completed, but I managed to leave it behind so the photos of it will have to wait.

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