Monday, 22 January 2007

An expedition and some Sad News

Today I am setting forth and making a trip to Virginia Farm. I've been hunting around for somewhere relatively close by where I can get spinning wheel accessories (Hannah, my Traveller, came with only two bobbins) and rovings. Virginia Farm, only a half hours drive away does both and I am very pleased with it. I'll have to be careful though. I have a feeling it'll be very difficult to keep a rein on my credit card.

For the past 8 years, I've been privileged to know the grandchildren of a close family friend. I've babysat the eldest child, now 8 and in addition his younger brother for the past three and a half years. I've watched them both grow up, misbehave and be angels in turns.

On Sunday night, the youngest died of drowning, aged three. Before dinner, he asked to go for a swim, and his grandmother said no, wait till after dinner and Sage did not protest. 15 minutes later, she went to get the washing off the line, and noticed something floating near the bottom of the pool. It was her grandson. She dragged him out and began CPR. His lips were still pink when they got him to emergency. However, he died in intensive care.

Teach your children to swim as soon as possible! Take them to a heated pool when they start crawling! Ensure that your pool is not fenced onto the house, but has a separate fence, and make sure it's secure!

No one should have to bury their children because they didn't realise the danger of a backyard pool.


Cate K said...

I am so sorry for your friend. I cannot even imagine such pain.

Susan said...

terrible. as a new mum it's one of my fears. cannot imagine what they are going through. mine is only 3 months at present, but have already investigated swim school and I can take him once he can sit on his own - about six months. but there are all sorts of other dangers lurking too. difficult to find the balance between being over protective and keeping him safe.