Tuesday, 5 December 2006

A Knitter's Palaver

I have a new resolution. Yes, I know it's a bit early to do the whole New Year's thing, but hey, I've never been good with new year's resolutions. Anyway, to the point:

I have resolved to no longer be an unfaithful knitter and thereby, reduce my UFO count

Yes, knitting is the one area in my life where I cannot be faithful to one project over another. I currently have the following projects in progress:

  • Mitred wrap (nearly finished the first strip...)
  • Lace Skirt (made a major error and needs to be frogged)
  • Striped sock (sock 1 has been finished)
  • Cabled cardigan (the body's been finished...)
  • Lace mohair scarf
  • Entrelac cushion cover


  • Willow pattern blanket


  • Red yarn that's to be three-plied and knit into a lace shawl
  • natural coloured corriedale/merino blend that's to be used as a trim on a pair of socks that I'm planning
  • There'd be more, but I'm waiting on some ceramic whorls for more spindles

Well, the list is shorter than I thought. I plan to finish at least three of the knitting projects before I start work on my winter jacket. Luckily, temptation does not worry me: the yarn has yet to arrive!

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