Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Random update

Not much is going on here at the moment. I had my final exam today so you should be seeing much more in the way of knitting coming from me over the next four weeks. Yay for knitting time! Also, from Friday I'll be away for a week. Heading out to Kandos for a holiday free from distractions. There will be much in the way of sleeping in, cooking, photo taking, stilt walking, juggling and unicycling alongside the knitting and spinning.

It was mentioned to me a while back that I had tatting in my intro, but no sign of it on the page. Well, here it is, proof I can tat:

It's a very basic edging. To be honest, for me tatting is like crochet: something I can do passably well, I'm just better at knitting and I enjoy it more.

And that blue sock? I'm now just beyond the cuff. Mainly because I frogged it three times. I made an error for the first, and the second two were turning out waaaaaaaaay too big. All fixed now and progress is being made

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